Tesi S.r.l
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Sale of second hand equipment and facilities

push-pointer for pipes  "BEMA"
We have a wide stock of second hand machines (see inventory).

If you could’nt find the machine in the inventory, please leave a detail message: we have many others machines available trough our customers and agents




Equipment reconditioning, updating, revamping, modification

Uncoiler 1250x3 "Guida"
Our major skill is to adapt revamped machinery for new projects, with new electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, in order to make the equipment to produce with reliability a high quality product.

Once we have got the enquiry from the customer, our engineers select the suitable  machine in our store or in the stock of our agents.

The equipment are then disassembled and cleaned, carefully inspected, the necessary replacement done. Finally the machine is re-assembled and tested.
The assistance to the customer is extended to the whole equipment life.
The European safety regulations are fully respected: every machine is delivered together with the Declaration of Conformity CE and, if required, with other certificates, in order to help the customer to get his project financed (e.g. leasing).


Our well equipped machine tools department make us able to build spare parts and new components based on our projects or on behalf of third parties.

cut-to length line 2000x10 mm carbon steel


Installation and maintenance

This activity is mainly performed as after-sale service.

We developed an excellent cooperation with some companies highly specialized in the electronic and fluid systems, to offer to our customers a complete assistance with professional, specialized engineers.